[ Solved ] Update A Table In Juidialog With Ajax

Hi everyone

First, sorry for my bad english …

I need to add a new record inside a table by clicking a link (or a button) who’s inside a JuiDialogBox but all my attempt have failed. I don’t have anymore idea and don’t find anything with my friend Google.

Does anyone can help me ?

Thank everybody !

Take a look at this and this


I think you are using cgridview to display the records from the table,You can use a view button in the Actions Column of the CGridvies and then u can open a cjuidialog to display the particular record of the table and then u can update the table record with respect to the unique id of the respective row using ajax


in cgridview column:

array(‘header’=>‘update’,‘type’=>‘raw’,‘value’=>CHtml::imageButton(Yii::app()->baseUrl.‘images/update.png’,array(‘onClick’=>‘js:updateTable($data[id])’)); ?>


function updateTable(id)


var row_id = id;


  array (


            'url'=&gt;&quot;&lt;?php Yii::app()-&gt;createUrl('site/update') ?&gt;&quot;,[b]//Here using this controller sction you can update the Particular Row [/b]


             'success'=&gt; function(data) {

                  &#036;('#dialog_id').close(); //[b]dialog_id represents the cjuidialog id[/b]

                  &#036;.fn.Yiigridview.update('site_grid');  //[b]site_grid is nothing but the id of the Grid[/b]




Thank you guys ! It solves my problem !