[SOLVED] Unique Update Action

I currently have a working transaction within my update action.

I am trying to run this transaction, if and only if $model->Status turns from ‘P’ to ‘A’ but not sure how to go about this. Below is my non working attempt. Anyone have any ideas?

public function actionUpdate($id) {

	$model = $this->loadModel($id, 'Model');

	if (isset($_POST['Model'])) {



		if (isset($_POST['Status']) && $_POST['Status']=='A')   //execute transaction only if updated 'Status' is set to 'A'


		{	$connection = yii::app()->db;






				$connection = yii::app()->db;

                                    $sql1 = transaction...

                                    $sql2 = transaction...






			catch(Exception $e)






	else $model->save();




	$this->render('update', array(

			'model' => $model,



status is an attribute from your model right?

So after $model->setAttributes($_POST[‘Model’]);… you have all the data in the $model object… why then do you use $_POST[‘Status’]?

Use the $model->Status…

Thanks mdomba for the help.