[SOLVED] Sporadic problem with this forum (show replies option)

Sometimes when I’m trying to access replies to my post on this forum I see on top of the page this error message. Should it be hidden and logged instead displayed to end-user?


String(92) “Database Error: ERROR: for SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY exp​ressions must appear in select list” string( 8) “database” string(60) “/www/yiiframework.com/htdocs/public/forum/Sources/Recent.php” int(1078)

I too have this error

hmm…this problem is not easy to fix. would wait for SMF stable release.

Is there new version of SMF which fixes this issue? It is really annoying when I'm trying to see answers to my post and only message I see is this stupid error.

Below some links to other topics which point to the same error:

link #1

link #2

I've found also following topic on SMF which points to this issue:

topic #1. It suggest that this is not a SMF bug but extention/mod error.

We didn't install any mod. I just manually fixed this problem.

Thanks a lot, karma++