[SOLVED] renderer view of the parent controller

Hello everybody ,

I’ve this organs hierarchy:


  • ColonController

  • BreastController

I’ve this view: themes/classic/views/organ/analysis.php

I need to renderer from Colon and Breast controller this analysis. I tried in this way on OrganController:

public function renderAnalysis()


//	$this->id = 'Organ'; // error becaus id read-only

	$this->render('analysis', $this->data);


colon e breast call this inherited function, but yii doesn’t find the view, because it search colon/analysis.php.

$this->render(’../organ/analysis’, $this->data);

I tried this solution, but it doesn’t work


renderPartial('../organ/analysis', $this->data);

from colon’s view

ok, I have to create views/colon/analysis.php with this content:

<?php $this->renderAnalysis(’../organ/analysis’);?>

And on ColonController actionIndex:

   public function actionAnalysis() 






It works in this manner, but the best solution would be to call directly from the view controller Colon organ/analysis.php, without having to create the folder views/colon.


From parent controller:

$this->render(‘webroot.themes.classic.views.organ.analysis’, $data));