[SOLVED] Re-Routing function


I change my website from classic PHP to YII Framework.

A lot of users already have deeplinks to articels or products.

I don’t change the database, so the product/articel-IDs are still the same.

Now I want to implement a ‘Re-Routing function’. If a user comes to the website with an old link,

my site should read the link and should route teh user to the new site.

Well, I think I have to add code in the site controller.

Is this idea right ? Which function is it ? Or is there a nice other standard function, where I can place my re-routing code ?



You can try to use same URLs with the new application so that no routing is needed…

Another way for solving this is to use mod_rewrite if you are on apache web server…

If you know - it’s easy :slight_smile:

I added my routine in files in ‘webapp\protected\views\site’