[SOLVED] Property "CBelongsToRelation.through" is not defined.

[color="#0000FF"]table: Item



table: Reference




table: ExtraCharge




"Reference"      => array( self::BELONGS_TO, "Reference", "reference", 

                                                           "condition"  =>'rel_Reference.FK_Tablename_ID = 4',


"rel_ExtraCharge"   => array( self::BELONGS_TO, "ExtraCharge", ["FK_ExtraCharge_ID" => "ID"], 

'through' => "rel_Reference",


rel_Reference is working perfectly.

With rel_ExtraCharge I get

[color="#FF0000"]"Property "CBelongsToRelation.through" is not defined."[/color]

I must use these relations to enable extra charges to multiple items at the same time.

[color="#006400"]But why is the “through” doesn’t work?[/color] :blink:

Thank you for your time. :D

Which version of Yii do you use?

Thank you for the quick answer: Yii Version 1.1.9 January 1, 2012

"Through" iwith BELONGS_TO relation requires at least 1.1.14

I just passed 4 hours fucking around with relations to only upgrade and fix the problem in 5 minutes… <_<

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you. O0