[Solved]phpunit error with yii 1.1.17

Hi I have just installed yii 1.1.17 and phpunit 5.1.4 using composer.

After creating a default webapp, I created a unit test in protected/tests/unit/DbTest.php

class DbTest extends CTestCase


    public function testConnection()





Now when I run

 phpunit unit\DbTest.php

I get following error.

When I went to PHPUnit/Extensions/ there was no SeleniumTestCase.php but there was Selenium2TestCase.php

How I can fix the issue?



I had to uninstall phpunit-slenium 2.0.0 and install phpunit-selenuim 1.4.2.

I am getting warning about PHP_Invoker but I know that can’t be installed on windows because it needs php pcntl extension which is only available on non-windows system.