[SOLVED] Module and main layout


I’ve read 5-6 same topics, but I still can’t find the solution…

I have an empty project with admin module and I want to use modules/admin/views/layout/main.php for admin layout but still can’t get it work.

I tried with $this->layout in AdminModule.php and all of the stuff from related topics.

Please, can someone tell me (or better, give me an example with very simple app/module) how this should work.

I am using the latest Yii version from download page.

Thank you.

According to the class reference, I think you should try setting layoutPath to ‘protected/modules/admin/views/layouts/main.php’

(untested though)


Finaly… this solution works for me:

1. In AdminModule.php i have:

$this->layout = ‘/layouts/main’;

in init() function.

2. Then in column1.php and column2.php (from your module layouts dir) change:




3. And the last step:

In DefaultController.php (or else module controller), overwrite Controller $layout with this:

public $layout = ‘/layouts/column2’;

Everyone is trying to set only layout in AdminModule.php and that’s why it didn’t work.