[SOLVED] listData sorting

(Bitmatix) #1

Can anybody tell me how I can add sorting to the following code?

CHtml::activeDropDownList($model, 'idModel', CHtml::listData(MyModel::model()->findAll(), 'id', 'strName'));

I'd like to get listData ordered by the column 'strName'.



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unfortunately this returns an error:

"Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

(Qiang Xue) #4

sorry, asort() expects the first parameter to be variable because it is using reference.

(Bitmatix) #5


sorry, asort() expects the first parameter to be variable because it is using reference.

which means?

no sorting for this function?

(system) #6

Why don't you sort on retrieval from your model. Your database probably is faster at sorting stuff than php is. Just set the 'order' parameter to 'strName ASC'

(Bitmatix) #7

ok, but in which function should I do this (I'm a newbie in Yii :-P)?

(Qiang Xue) #8

You could write a method in MyModel and call this method in view to get the sorted list data.

(system) #9


CHtml::activeDropDownList($model, 'idModel', CHtml::listData(MyModel::model()->findAll(array('order'=>'strName ASC')), 'id', 'strName'));

If it doesn't work like this, look in the documentation in the database section.

(Qiang Xue) #10

Yeah, this is better by using DB sorting.

(Bitmatix) #11

Yeah, works perfectly :slight_smile:

I agree in doing this on the database.

Perfect. Thanks a lot guys.

(Steve) #12

I would have never thought that is where the sort by clause would go. I misunderstood the findAll argument “condition” to just be the criteria of the SQL statement’s WHERE clause, and as a result, I thought there must be a different way to specify the order by clause.

Now I see from the api doc, the condition type can be mixed, either a string or an array.

So it also works as findAll(‘1=1 order by name’),

I did not understand the reason for the array, since it was being passed only one value, until I viewed the API section for CDbCriteria and the __construct() method, which shows that it expects an array as input, and does a foreach loop for each key value pair of the input array, and then assigns properties to the CDbCriteria object… it’s nice to have good documentation, thank you!

(c@cba) #13

In my case the following DIDN’T work:

asort(CHtml::listData(Country::model()->findAll(array('order'=>'t.Name')), 'ID', 'Name'));

But the following DID work:

$data = CHtml::listData(Country::model()->findAll(array('order'=>'t.Name')), 'ID', 'Name');


Just wanted to mention it, in case you need to sort after results are returned.

For example: I have the ‘order’ clause in my SQL, but in some cases I manipulate the data in the ‘afterFind()’ method, so that the eventual list is not ordered correctly anymore.

PS: ‘afterFind()’ is the method executed when the onAfterFind() event of CActiveRecord is raised.

(Jacob Moen) #14

It’s no wonder… You’re posting in the Yii 1.0 forum. Try the 1.1 forum. :)