[solved] labels with special characters

hello all.

is there a posibility to give the labels in the menu or for example the name in the main.php special characters? I’m from Germany and had to know this.

array('label'=>'über uns', 'url'=>array('site/page', 'view'=>'about')),

that doesnt work.



	'name'=>'Stührenberg GmbH',

tried also with the charset. but no luck. :(

anyone got maybe an idea?

Check all steps described in this cookbook:


ok Mike. I remember you ;)

where must the htacces be placed?

Usually in your webroot folder. Note that .htaccess files are an Apache specific feature, that allows for custom settings per directory. It’s not guaranteed to work on all setups by default.

Check the Apache documentation to find out more. There are too many configuration options for Apache, so we can’t go into detail here.

now it also works on my web server!

but had to change .htacces into


Big thanks again Mike! :)

Some people say it works with utf-8, but could not get it myself.