[solved] I need help with CGridView

Hi All.

I need help with a CGridView, I have a view with a CGridview of my table Ciudad, each record in my table have idciudad,nombreciudad,…,redespacho. where redespacho is a integer and make reference to idciudad in same table. the cities can have or not have redespacho, but I need that the record to have redespacho, show the name of city and not show the idciudad.

Add image for that we can undestand me.

I hope understand me, sorry for my english.

If I understood U right, what U need here is relation, so in model class make one that we refer to record with ‘idciudad’ as pk. Something like:

'city' => [self::BELONGS_TO, 'Ciudad',  'redespacho']

and in GridView:


     'name' => 'redespacho',

     'value' => '!empty($data->city) ? $data->city->cityNameColumn : ""',


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Hi dragan.zivkovic.

Thank you very much!! It was exactly what I needed, I had a similar idea, but I was wronng with the relation. I had this way.

 'ciudades' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'Ciudad', 'idciudad'),// no work for me 

again thank you very much.


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