[Solved] How To Create The First User?

I suppose that this question is so dumb that this is the main reason why it’s not included in any piece of documentation :)

I installed the Advanced template, installed Yii2-User module, and now I need a user to give him admin permissions and move forward.

But I don’t have any users yet, my User table is empty.

How can I create the first one?

Just sign in using Sign In page / form. :D :D :D

I still don’t get it. How can I sign in without creating a user first? I need a username and a password. And this is exactly what I’m asking.

Do I need to manually insert a record in the User table? Is there a manual what to insert in the password_hash , auth_key and other fields?


Sorry I meant to say “Sign Up”. That is registration page. Just register new user. It’s not that complicated.

Thanks, indeed there is a registration page by the route


How did you find it? I can’t see that link anywhere on the page.

How to make it work, because


gives error 404.