[solved] Handling errors from inside the module

Hi all.

I’ve just met some strange behavior of Yii’s error handling system.

I have “main” ContentController (under /protected/controllers) with action ‘error’ (just renamed default SiteController)

Here’s the line from config:

'errorAction' => 'content/error'

Everything works fine.

Now I have a module ‘admin’, and another ContentController in it (it’s a completely different controller, it just has the same name).

And when an error occurs, Yii is trying to call error action from this controller (/protected/modules/admin/controllers/ContentController instead of /protected/controllers/ContentController)

Changing config to

'errorAction' => '/content/error'

doesn’t help.

Is there any way to force Yii to use “main” controller’s actionError?

Oh, nevermind.

I’ve searched through forum posts and found the same problem with explanation of what’s actually happening.

For those who interested - here it is.