[SOLVED] Forward slashes in urlManager patterns

Summary: it seems that the urlManager component doesn’t like forward

slashes in patterns.


If I create a new web application using "yiic webapp", the following

configuration works fine:







However, suppose that I change the "action" part of the pattern,

to give the following configuration:







If I then attempt to load the front page of the web application in my

web browser, I get a Yii error page, with the following error message:

The URL pattern "<controller:\w+>/<action:[^/?]+>" for route "<controller>/<action>" is not a valid regular expression.

Information about my setup:

OS: Debian Linux 6.0.2

HTTP server: Apache/2.2.16

PHP version: 5.3.3

Browser: Chromium 6.0.472.63 (59945)

Yii: Version 1.1.8

This looks like a bug to me. I would report it in the normal way,

but I don’t have an account with the company that hosts the bug tracker.

try to escape it with a backslash like [^\/?]

*note there is not a letter V but a backslesh and a forward slash

That works; thank you.

[This post edited to remove something stupid and incorrect.]