Solved Filter Javascript Gridview with yii\grid\CheckboxColumn.

I have a question yii2, I’m using yii2-grid, and I created a button to filter selected rows, I know how to verify that are selected but not how to apply the filter in js the gridview, there are some to do as the code to select:

My Code Select Rows:

Html::button('<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-download-alt"></i><span>   Filter Rows Select</span>',

['type'=>'button', 'class'=>'btn btn-success',

'onclick'=>'var keys = $("‪#‎kv‬-grid").yiiGridView("getSelectedRows").length; alert(keys > 0 ? "Ha Seleccionado: " + keys + " Registros para Filtrar." : "No hay registros Seleccionados para Filtrar.");'


As I can apply the filter to the selected checkbox