[solved] CHtml::link()

hello all.

I wonder if there is a possibility to give the link function of CHtml class a css class type?

while using the typical

<a href=""></a>

it is possible to give the link another attribute like class. for example:

<a calss="xyz" href=""></a>

so can somebody handle this also for CHtml::link(); ???

Is there also a possibility to say this function, that it should open this in link in a new tab in the browser?


i’m using the api. but i cant find a good conclusion for my question… :mellow:

ok. i found how.

but it doesn’t work exactly like i want to.

the link looks still like a link. and he should look different.

it works with the normal href.

i’ll show u my css:



	text-decoration: none;

	color: #757575;

	font-weight: bold;




	color: #cccccc;



<a class="link" href="balbal">link</a>

it works perfectly.


<?php echo CHtml::link('Googlemaps', 'blabla', array('class'=>'link'))?>

it works only while moving mouse over the link. seems it would only using the css a.link:hover.


found it out on my own.

the one thing that doesnt works for me was the color in a.link:link.

just declared it for all links and it works perfectly.