[Solved] changing session id and getting data

when i am setting session id i can’t get that session data.

How to get session data when changing session id?


$session_data  = Yii::app()->session->itemAt ('session_key');

i have figure out

$data = unserialize(Yii::app()->session->readSession($_POST['sessionid']));


Yii::app()->session->writeSession ($_POST['sessionid'], serialize($data));

Why would you ever want to change the session id?

This is because swfupload. SWFupload lose session id. i need to pass information back to my base application in session.

another way to change session id is

if ( ! Yii::app()->session->getIsStarted ()) {




only need to set in config file



                 	'autoStart' => false,


In entry-script you can simply do

if (isset($_POST['PHPSESSID']))




Then the original session should continue.

yes it is more simplified thank you :)