[Solved]CGridView search not working if set 'ajaxUpdate'=>false

I’ve created a CGridView object and because I want mobile phone can also access my web application, I decided to turn off the ajax. (some phone browser haven’t supported ajax yet). So I type like this in my code

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(

















)); ?>

The CGridView does turn off the ajax for Sorting and pagination. But the search just won’t work. I try to type something it just show a “loading” gif for a while. Nothing really happen. No search, no jumping to the other page, or anything. The Advance Search just the same.

Why is it? And how to fix it? Thanks :)

As currrent implementation search/filtering works only with ajax…

That’s a pity :(

So is there anyway for workaround. I really need a non-ajax search function…

You can copy the html code of the GridView and redo it with php.

Is not a very nice solution, but that is how we were working before Zii widget, so is not so terrible… :)

By the way I recently had to do it too because I need the seach to submit a form, and I found no solution for do it by using CGridView.

Yay, the release Yii 1.1.3 has solves this problem :)

It just perfect timing…