[SOLVED] CAutoComplete setting up assistance.

Good evening,

I am attempting to use the CAutoComplete widget but I am having a difficult time understanding what I should be placing within the 'url' setting. It is mentioned within the forums that it should be 'controller/action'. I would like to know the correct way to fill in that setting:

I'd also like to give an example of how I setup my application:

There is a module 'SuperMario' with a controller 'Games'. Within the controller I used the AutoCompleteLookup function directly from the cookbook and set up my database accordingly:

In this case, Users is a model outside of module, specifically within the main application.

This is probably something very simple and I may be over-complicating the issue. Please also let me know if I missed anything, thank you.

if your view is used in the same controller


if this doesn't work you can also try


and if that doesn't help the name of the module


but the first should work


OOPS I forgot something ;)

It must be $this->createUrl('AutoCompleteLookup') when you use it in a controller view to create the url to the controller action function.

Yii:app() would create one from the root, so the things above doesn't work except the last one.

Interesting. I forgot to mention that my view is separated by the controller:

So the view file 'userlist.php' would contain "$this->widget('CAutoComplete',…".

I will try to get your method working, horizons. In the meantime, would the way that I setup my files work?

Thanks again.

Man, after a few days of this, I was getting ready to chuck something out the window. This is for the view in case anyone has a difficult time understanding what to enter:

<?php echo $this->widget('CAutoComplete',




And the final thing that got it going was…I forgot to 'Allow' the view 'autoCompleteLookup' in the controller. I need more sleep.

Thanks again, horizon, all is good now.