[solved] blog demo problem

$_POST['user'] should be changed to $_POST['User']

That was the problem!

Thank you!

I think it's better to make a tip from this thread. It can be useful for others.

letscode, you have error in UserController

if(isset($_POST['submitPost']) && $user->save())

            $this->redirect(array('posts/list') );

missing ')' on line with redirect

Thnx, solved.

For me the code above gave 500 error. This code worked fine

if(isset($_POST['submitPost']) && $user->save())

            $this->redirect('posts/list' );

Yii 1.0.1 official release (non SVN).

Also it can be useful to replace in views/user/_form.php:

<?php echo CHtml::activeTextField($user,'password',array('size'=>65)); ?>


<?php echo CHtml::activePasswordField($user,'password',array('size'=>65)); ?>

Yeah, you are right (2 times).

In my own version I changed that allready

Maybe you'll attach your final code? I think it can be useful for noobs