[SOLVED] authclient GitHub

I had some success setting up Facebook through authclient, so users can register and login through facebook. It works perfectly.

Now I’m trying to set up github, which I know Yiifeed.com uses successfully, and [size=“2”]I’m not getting the email parameter back from github.[/size]

[size="2"] When I do a var_dump($attributes) in the onAuthSuccess [/size]method[size="2"], I get a lot of information, including the login key that I need to set the user, but not email. [/size]

[size=“2”]I have made sure that my email on Github is set to public, so I don’t think it’s a [/size]permissions[size=“2”] issue there. [/size]

[size="2"]I know Yiifeed is connected to Github via authclient and was wondering if the team came [/size]across[size="2"] this problem. [/size]

[size="2"]Any ideas, anyone? [/size]

Just to be sure - have you registered your app at https://github.com/settings/applications/new ?

Solved. I had to tell GitHub to display the email address, so it was a permissions issue on the user side. Github has two areas for setting email permissions, emails and profile, so that is what tripped me up.

I will also have to do some checking for the attributes being set in the method, which should kick off a response if it is not present.