[Solved] Advanced Search Not Working In Tabs And Render Partial

hello, i want to ask something about searching in render partial.

in my form using tabs

<div class="panel-body">

			<ul class="nav nav-tabs">

				<li class="active"><a href="#UA" data-toggle="tab">User Agent</a></li>

				<li><a href="#Ext" data-toggle="tab">User Agent Extension Data</a></li>

				<li><a href="#Transform" data-toggle="tab">User Agent Transformation</a></li>

				<li><a href="#Codec" data-toggle="tab">User Agent Codec</a></li>

				<li><a href="#Content_type" data-toggle="tab">User Agent Content Type</a></li>


			<div class="tab-content">	

				<div class="tab-pane active" id="UA"> 


					<?php echo $this->renderPartial('_formEdit', array('model'=>$model)); ?>		



				<div class="tab-pane" id="Ext">

					<?php echo $this->renderPartial('/uaExtData/admin',array('model2'=>$model2)); ?>



				<div class="tab-pane" id="Transform">

					<?php echo $this->renderPartial('/uaTransform/admin',array('model3'=>$model3)); ?>



				<div class="tab-pane" id="Codec">

					<?php echo $this->renderPartial('/uaCodec/admin',array('model4'=>$model4)); ?>



				<div class="tab-pane" id="Content_type">

					<?php echo $this->renderPartial('/uaContentType/admin',array('model5'=>$model5));?>




and it show the grid in everytab, but the advanced search is not working

i already try to add true in the renderPartial.

when i add true but it only working on last tab, the others tab advanced search is not working.

can someone help me hpt to make this advanced search work in every tab based on their model? thanks =)

note: i already used cjuitabs, but the result still the same, just one tabs advanced is working the others is not working too.

  • Does each grid widget has a different id?

  • Does it work if you include all 4 grids in the view by renderPartial(), but not inside tabs?


  • yap,each grid has a different id,

  • i not try yet if not inside tab, but i will try and i will ppost the progress.


Dear Joblo,

i test not using tabs, bat its not working too.

can you help me? thanks.

Do more testing without tabs:

  • js-errors in the console?

  • renderPartial with processOutput=true on only the first grid / all grids -> check js-errors

Maybe you have to try from scratch, step by step:

  1. Extended search with only one grid directly inside the view (not using renderPartial)

  2. One grid with renderPartial (processOutput=true/false)

  3. Add the other grids without/with renderPartial

Add the tabs

hi joblo, sorry for late reply, i will try it.


its solved now, thanks for your help joblo.

in each tab, i have admin. its not working because the client script in each admin, so i call the client script in one admin so its working now.