[solved] Access config params from Test (Advanced template)

I’m using Advanced template and its default structure of the test folder

I’m writing a unit test (tests/codeception/common/unit/models/…) of a method that uses one of config params

$min_median = Yii::$app->params['min_median'];

which is set in common/config/params.php

When running the test I get

yii\base\ErrorException: Undefined index: min_median

that is it doesn’t load the configs

How can I bootstrap the test enviroment to load them?


$params should be included and added to the config which is used for tests - tests/codeception/config/config.php


$params = array_merge(

        require(__DIR__ . '/../../../common/config/params.php'), require(__DIR__ . '/../../../common/config/params-local.php')


return [


    'components' => [



    'params' => $params,