Social login doesn't log me in, but the login form works

I’m using Yii2 and using these addons.

"yiisoft/yii2-authclient": "^2.2
"2amigos/yii2-usuario": "~1.0",

When I try to login using the social logins, it redirects to the main page. Doesn’t show any error and doesn’t log me in. When i login using the login form on my site, it works fine. Just the social login doesn’t do anything.

in my main, i changed my session to use DB

'session' => [
            'class' => 'yii\web\DbSession'
            'sessionTable' => 'session', // session table name. Defaults to 'session'.
            'writeCallback' => function($session){
                return [
                    'user_id' => Yii::$app->user->id


'authClientCollection' => [
            'class' => 'yii\authclient\Collection',
            'clients' => [

                'google' => [
                    'class' => 'Da\User\AuthClient\Google', 
                    'clientId' => '',
                    'clientSecret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx',
                    'returnUrl' => 'https://localhost/yii2/frontend/web/index.php?r=user/security/auth&authclient=google',

really not sure whats going on, any ideas on what the issue is?


I disabled my friendly URL, now im getting

[::1][-][k9g669nb7f4j6t88phd0kpjpuu][error][yii\web\HttpException:404] yii\web\NotFoundHttpException in C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\vendor\2amigos\yii2-usuario\src\User\Controller\RegistrationController.php:

Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: Da\User\Controller\RegistrationController->actionConnect('PfhyoAdaKOs8hHg...')
#1 C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\base\InlineAction.php(57): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#2 C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\base\Controller.php(181): yii\base\InlineAction->runWithParams(Array)
#3 C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\base\Module.php(534): yii\base\Controller->runAction('connect', Array)
#4 C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\web\Application.php(104): yii\base\Module->runAction('user/registrati...', Array)
#5 C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\base\Application.php(392): yii\web\Application->handleRequest(Object(yii\web\Request))
#6 C:\xampp\htdocs\yii2\frontend\web\index.php(39): yii\base\Application->run()
#7 {main}

It works fine when the email is already in my user table. but for new emails trying to register with their social account i get this error above. any ideas?

in my register form i have this

                        $authAuthChoice = AuthChoice::begin([
                            'baseAuthUrl' => ['/user/security/auth'],
                            'popupMode'   => false

                        <?php foreach ($authAuthChoice->getClients() as $client): ?>
                                echo $authAuthChoice->clientLink(
                                    '<span class="fab fa-'.$client->getName().' fa-2x"></span> <span class="d-none d-sm-block">Login using '.$client->getTitle().'</span><span class="d-block d-sm-none">'.$client->getTitle().'</span>',
                                        'class' => 'btn btn-lg btn-block btn-social btn-'.$client->getName(),
                        <?php endforeach; ?>
                        <?php AuthChoice::end(); ?>