SOAP Web Service - HTTPS


I’m really struggling to get my web service functioning over HTTPS. Via HTTP, it works perfectly. When I use a HTTPS connection, the WSDL loads perfectly, but when trying to consume the web service with a SOAP client and use any of the methods, I receive the following error:

SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'the web service URL' : failed to load external entity "the web service URL"

If I use serviceOptions to set the serviceUrl as the http version, but connect to the https WSDL from SOAP client, it works… but of course this means data is being sent to & from the methods over a http. For example:

public function actions()


        return array(



				'serviceOptions' => array('serviceUrl'=>'the web service URL'),




As this is one of my first posts on the forum, it’s not letting me include any URLs. I’m hoping i’ll be able to expand on this in my reply to the thread.

I’m really struggling with this and would appreciate any hints, tips or advice.

Thanks in advance

I understand that in order for the web service to function, Yii needs to be able to access the wsdl file. I believe this is where the problem is coming from… my server cannot seem to access the https site itself… Quite why this is happening, i’m not sure but i’ll keep looking.