[Soap Fault] Looks Like We Got No Xml Document

I got a problem when i add this method to my controller, this method is used as web service, but the error said “Looks like we got no XML document”. Before adding this method, I already have a method test() and it didn’t get error when i call.


     * @param string the user

     * @param string asd

     * @param string asd 

     * @param int asd

     * @param string asd

     * @param boolean asd

     * @param boolean asd

     * @return array 

     * @soap


    public function createSubmission($user, $pass, $sourceCode, $language, $input, $run, $private) {


        return (array('error' => 'OK', 'link' => $filename . $fileExt));


Can anyone help me?

what is the error and where does it occur?