SOAP and DB sessions

Im building an app with frontend in flash. For testing purposes Im using flash/flex console where I can write soap method and see what it returns…

Everything going fine, but Ive found that when I call SOAP method, new session is always inserted into database session table.

I can log in user from flash and "flash" session authenticates fine, however SOAP service probably creates another not authentificated session. After sending 5 methods Im having 5 useless sessions inside session table.

Can anybody shed a light on this behavior? Is it really SOAP service, which is creating new session over and over?

Has anybody got the same issue?

I had, with my .NET test client.

Had to attach an instance of System.Net.CookieContainer()


Can you explain it into detail? Hows that helped your flash app?

No flash app involved and currently I'm not into flash development. Maybe my answer isn't at all of relevance to your problem. I mentioned it because without the session cookie I didn't remain logged in between web service calls (good practice or not).


Anyone know if its possible to identify webservice call inside app?

I'm also wondering if I could somehow destroy session right after creation… using session->destroy didn't help.

I just tried to set session.autoStart to false in configuration and then by overriding DbHttpSession class, but none of them worked. My session is starting over and over.

Does it mean that session creation can't be switched off?

Try using raw PHP session first.

Seems like Ive found solution by calling destroy session in onendRequest for all requests where SERVER_ADDR=REMOTE_ADDR. I need to make more tests to be sure.

It may not be a nice solution, but it works for now. I got to move on to catch my deadlines. Thx all for help.