Snippets for Sublime text 2 editor

Here are snippets for the Sublime text 2 editor :

It is installable via Package Control

Nice - it means it works in Emacs too, via the Yasnippets extension! :)

Or is Sublime using a different format than the Textmate ‘standard’ ?

Sublime text 2 is in some way compatible with textmate like snippets.

For textmate you can found them here: (i’m not the author)

Any chance/way to get these snippets to work with Vim + SnipMate?

Holy jesus, I really dont know what this means, but I recently started to use sublime text2 and love it, and I will try to figure out how to install this and test it.

Is it like code completion?

Thanks! :lol:

These are awesome!

In 'Sublime -> Preferences -> Package Settings -> CTags -> User settings I put this:


	"ctags_command"   :  "ctags -R -f .tags --exclude=yiilite.php",

	"extra_tag_paths" :  "/var/www/yii/framework/"


If am not sure if there are a more elegant way - or if it’s wrong - but it seems to work fine. :)

Yes, it is :) see