SMS Gatway Integration

Hi All,

I am using Clickatell SMS gatway.But it not woking

in main.php i have used

‘sms’ => array(

        'class' => 'ext.ClickatellSms.ClickatellSms',

        'clickatell_username' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX',

        'clickatell_password' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX',

        'clickatell_apikey' => 'XXXXXXXX',


and in my create.php of a model view i have used


Yii::app()->sms->send(array(‘to’ => ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘message’ => ‘Hello world!’));

it showing an error Undefined Variable https.

plz help


According to the only comment on the extension’s page, you need to set additional parameters:

I set debug to true and https to false for sms component: ‘debug’ => true, ‘https’ => false like this


‘cache’ => array( ‘class’ => ‘system.caching.CFileCache’, ),

‘sms’ => array(






    'debug' => TRUE, 

    'https' => FALSE,


But I have allways the same error : "Undefined variable: https "

please can you help me?