SMS gateway in yii

Guys, do you have suggestion for using sms gateway in yii ?

I suggest you to choose the SMS Gateway Provider considering what it offers at what price rather then how easy or hard is to use its API in Yii.

Usually, SMS Gateway providers have nice APIs. Some of them also have PHP classes to interact with their APIs so it won’t be hard to make your own Yii component based on their code to send the SMS messages.

I have been using Clickatell (Central API) for sending SMS messages from an Yii-powered website. To do that, I developed a little extension (Yii component). You can download it from here.

Thanky for your comment you make my day

Take a look at Twilio also. I’m subscribed (for other reasons) but have been thinking about writing a Yii wrapper for its PHP API.

Hello i have been tried your extension but nothing happen, i have registered in clicklattel but i just try free account and haven’t buy their product. Can you help me ??

Check also SMS gateway, their API is simple, so it will not take you much time for Yii extension.

Try to enable the debug mode in config/main.php and config/console.php at the SMS component:


'sms' => array(


  'debug' => true,




And then try to send a message from console (yiic shell):

./yiic shell [path to index.php]

Yii::app()->sms->send(array('to'=>'xxxxxx','message'=>'testing extension'));

You will get some debug information which may help you to find and fix the problem. If it is an extension bug please let me know.

Also, don’t forget that you must have a cache component enabled and also cURL PHP extension.

I have solved that problem thanks guy

Do we have to register first on Clickatell to be able to use this extension?

Off course, how would you otherwise have an API key? Please see their site on how to register.

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