Small Talk: do I need use Yii 2.0 to rebuild my code?

Hi There, I have used Yii 1.x for years, recently I finally have time to do some study, of cause new target is Yii2.0, but I am very new for this area, so have some questions need ask, thx for help ^&^.

A. can Yii 2.0 use in production? I guess 90% yes, just want ask some experience…

B. I have an RESTful API build by Yii 1.x it’s working enough for my old project, also have some places can be improved, so I wanna ask do I need use Yii 2.x to do rebuld+fix or just do fix in Yii 1.x

the main reason I want use Yii 2.x to do rebuild is I think Yii 2.x is faster than Yii 1.x

ok, thx for share.

A. Yes.

B. It’s up to you. 2.x isn’t really faster as such. It’s about same performance. A bit less memory usage maybe. If you want it for performance reasons, wait for release of PHP 7 and update. You’ll get much more performance from it.

thx samdark,I think I will use 2.x for new project for practice and wait for release of php 7, anyway thx for your answer, it’s really help for me.