slow response!

in my database i only have two records for a model … but then in my frontend , it still shows 3, even though i just deleted the 3rd record… i even checked inside the database… even now i’m still busy pressing the “f5” ke on my keyboard repeatedly to refresh the page… nothing changes… is something wrong with the framework or with my db connection? pls help… this drives me nuts. :wacko:

well try Ctrl + F5 … as a beginning

are you sure that you are not rendering records from the other model?

Is not possible at all that the frameworks or php is creating data from scratch.

There is something else (mabye the error lies between the chair and the monitor… :) )

no not anymore. …

what does no not anymore. … means

quite… maybe my pc is having a flu or something…

well before i rendered data from other models, but recently i just changed to an option of creating a widget so i can use it anywhere…