Sliding CListView items up and down

Hey all,

I have this CListView which shows an AR class objects. What i have been trying to implement is the following feature:

Given the user input in a serch box, I want to filter the items in order to show only those items whose name is contained within the search parameter. I would like it to have this effect, but in order to implement it like that i need to know how to (if possible) move CListView’s items up and down, preferently with that kind of “slide” effect jquery provides.

I’ve been looking into the uses that result from integrating jquery with yii, but could’t find anything regarding CListViews. Any help/idea/workaround is much appreciated, thankss!


I got it working with an extensive use of jQuery. However I bumped into a new problem which i haven’t been able to solve for over a week now. I posted my new problem in this post; if anyone is interested in the approach i used pls feel free to ask!