Skydrive Api Extension - Comments

Hi Yii guys and gals. This is my first post on this forum. (Apparently I’m not allowed to post real links yet so I inserted a space after the http: as a workaround)

I was looking for a PHP class to help me connect to Skydrive and discovered this Yii extension http: // which seems to do the job nicely. It takes care of the tedious token-based authentication.

Anyway, since I’ve never used Yii before, I had a bit of a Yii learning curve to climb before the Skydrive API extension would function properly. I wanted to add my comments directly on the akydrive-api-yii page but apparently I’m “too new” to leave any comments there so I’m leaving them here instead.

  1. Make sure you hide the index.php from the URL path by using the .htaccess method described in this page http: // ensuring that you go to your protected/config/main.php and uncomment the urlManager section to enable URLs in path-format.

  2. Step 2 of the instructions includes this sentence:

… just to clarify that this means you go to http: //your.redirect.url/yii_root/skydrive/getCode and log into skydrive using your username and password (I set up a new skydrive account for testing - don’t want to use my real one until I’m sure nothing bad will happen)

Anyway, I’d like to say thanks to drumaddict for bothering to build, publish and document this for us. I have high hopes that I can use this API now with server-side scripts for backing up my VPS webroots and db dumps on a daily cron job directly to skydrive, thus saving me the cost of renting a reliable backup server. If anyone else is interested in (or already) doing something similar - I’d love to hear from you here. Thanks.