Skins for Zii widgets

How can I create customized skins for Zii widgets?

How should the poperty and path in my view directory look like?

Did you check ? It has documentation about the usage of skins with widgets.

I read but I dont understand where the view files are located? For example the CListView… where is the html? Where can I add or modify the html of pager add one on top etc…

You need to put the skins under ‘protected/views/skins’ for example for the CListView widget you create a file called CListView.php under the skins directory ‘protected/views/skins’ then you specify in the CListView widget the property ‘skin’=>‘CListView’. Inside the CListView file you return an associative array of the initial property values for a widget, in this case the CListView widget.

Hmm isnt there a view to modify the html?

According to what I read about this, Widgets Skins only provide us to change some colors, backgrounds and whatever variable it has.

The problem here is that Skin feature is not what you are thinking it is @metch7.

@Vince, @metch7 are talking about how to change the output html in list, grid, etc. widgets…

Am I wrong?


Yes you are correct… as this is kinda the big advantage of MVC :)