Skilled Yii and MySQL programmer(s) needed


I have a project coming up in a month or so. It is for a high traffic job related site. I need to find an extremely skilled, diligent coder who knows Yii extensively. Here are some of the key components:

  1. Database. The database is one of the key components of the project and the sites performance is dependant on good database optimisation and design.

  2. Secure. The site will be the target of hacking groups. Extensive planning has gone into a unique captcha system but security is a key component and will need to be factored in at every level.

  3. Lightweight and efficient. Having inefficient, bloated code is really not good enough on this project. It is expected to have 2500 concurrent users and around a million monthly vistors. We need a coder who has a passion and skill needed to write beautiful code. At each major milestone the code will be evaluated by a third party to ensure its quality.

In terms of coding, the first job will be to create a bespoke login and registration system and integrate this into the admin HTML template already in place. Then the site will be developed on top of this foundation. A detailed requirements document will be supplied. The design of the site in terms of HTML and CSS is not important at this stage, as this will most likely be done externally.

If you think you are up for the job please get in touch and we can talk more about the project.


We can certainly support your project ( We’re currently building social networks, calendaring apps, etc in Yii.

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