Size formatter

Hi everyone,

I was working on a project where there were a lot of file operations and so we needed to format size a number of times. For this I added a formatter method called formatSize to the CFormatter class. Most of the PHP frameworks have this function. So I thought it should be part of Yii too. So if you people are planning to include formatSize in Yii, this is what I am using:


 * @var array the format used to format size (bytes). Two elements may be specified: "base" and "decimals".

 * They correspond to the base at which KiloByte is calculated (1000 or 1024) bytes per KiloByte and 

 * the number of digits after decimal point.


public $sizeFormat=array('base'=>1024,'decimals'=>2);


 * Formats the value as a size in human readable form.

 * @params integer value to be formatted

 * @return string the formatted result


public function formatSize($value)



	$base = $this->sizeFormat['base']; 

	for($i=0; $base<=$value; $i++) $value=$value/$base;

	return round($value, $this->sizeFormat['decimals']).$units[$i];



Enjoy :)

nice one ! :lol:

if you can’t modify the core classes of yii, just use it as subclass of CFormatter , most yii core class can be replaced by your subclass though config .