Sitemap genarator for huge Websites


im quite new in this Forum and thank you all in advance for your affort answering my question. We need to find a solution to generate multiple 50k sitemaps for a shop with about 500.000 products and many other pages. I already hat a look at the ESitemapGenerator but this loads the sitemaps dynamically. This will be too expensive for our servers so we need a static solution.

The structure of the page is like this

  • about 20 static pages

  • about 500.000 dynamical product pages

  • about 10.000 dynamical brands pages

  • about 50.000 dynamical outfit pages

and some more

Would be nice if there exist any extension or hints how to solve this problem


Why don’t you generate it dynamically once, copy the generated HTML output and put in a static view?

Are you sure you need a sitemap? They are only useful if your site has weak internal links and can thus be hard to index by search engines.

this would also be an idea but as we have a lot of user interaction its better to have them done automatically once a week with a cronjob

So there you go!