Site Renewal

(Jacob Moen) #1

This topic will be providing you with status updates with regards to what goes on with the new Yii Framework site. :)

The live copy is up and running at and will be kept up to date by Carsten (cebe) Brandt.

We have decided to go for the design created by Sergei (eshill) Khilkov - see that here: https://cloud.github…aba72b706a1.png

What we currently have is a empty front page, but there is WIP going on in the guide section, as well as other pages:

(Jacob Moen) #2

Guide overview:

(Jacob Moen) #3

Error page:

(Alexander Makarov) #4

We need to take photos of all our pets and put random ones there :)

(Jacob Moen) #5

Posting the wiki page which features Medium inspired parallax blur effect:

(Helder Henrique Cabral) #6

The new layout looks great

(Jacob Moen) #7

Thanks :)

Here’s some more screen shots:

(Ajith Tejas) #8

when are we gonna get this new look ? Its so awesome

A suggestion :- do u think that [size=2]we need a page were you guys introduce yourself ? (i mean the core yii2 developers) [/size]

(Jacob Moen) #9

When it is ready :)

(Alexander Makarov) #10

ajith, do you mean ?

(Softark) #11

Fantastic !! The guide has a new face.

But, is there some way to provide a language specific style, for example specifying certain font face?

(Ekerazha) #12

With all due respect, I think it’s ugly.

I prefer something like:

(Jacob Moen) #13

‘Due respect’ from you is awesome :)

I personally think that the design of Laravel and Laravel Lumen are epic failures.


That are extremely bland and uninteresting to me. They are anything but bold and inspiring.

But, each to his own.

Would be a dull world if every person had the same tastes. ;)


Thankfully, the new design - praise or opposite - is not because of me. Blame or praise our designer Sergei Khilkov

I would have gone for something more like Mozilla

But I am happy with the current design.

Although, admittedly, I like the Russian Yii site that he designed also, slightly better.

(Ekerazha) #14

That’s nice too.

(Jacob Moen) #15

Two new screenies:

(Jacob Moen) #16


(Andrzej Bernat) #17

Just do it :) We’ll have two skins to switch between :)



(Jacob Moen) #18

Exactly :)

(Manu34) #19

I really like the new design !! It is clear, easy to read, responsive …bravo !