Site Doesn't Work If Tables Have An Underscore

I have a site running on local without problems but after uploading to my host I realized that there’s a problem with the tables with an underscore in their names.

An URL like this: works. But an URL like this:, where the table in the db is called hello_bye, crashes. I checked all the other models where the database has an underscore and everything crashes. I get this error: Error 400 Unable to resolve the request "helloBye".

On local is working so I guess is has something to do with the server where it’s hosted now. Is there anything that I should change con my .htaccess? What can I do to solve this?



I just changed ‘caseSensitive’=>false, to true and works but I don’t want it this way, I want it case insensitive.

I don’t understand what this has to do with database tables. Surely helloBye is a controller and create is an action?

It has nothing do to with the database tables, I was wrong. It was because of the case sensitivity. I thought it had something to do with the tables because it crashed con every controller with tables with an underscore.