Site configuration

Hello All,

I am a newcomer to Yii, have been developing in Cakephp for many years and just wanted to see how Yii feels with all this hype on the net about it.

Although I have to confess that the documentation requires a steep learning curve (in terms of reading the classes to find all the tiny pieces you would require, compared to the more analytical documentation of Cake) I am starting finding my way around (I spend…2 days trying to figure out which would be the best method of implementing backend’s to projects…finally went the module way) I am fooling with an already build project of cakephp and trying to port it to Yii just to find my way around.

I would like to ask the more experienced, what would be a good design of storing configuration vars regarding the application over the framework? Does Yii implement something similar with the Configuration class of CakePHP?

There’s some info on how to configure Yii components like db connections, caches, user components etc etc.: If you want to add some customized parameters like the email adress of the sites admin you could put that in the main config within the “params” section like:

...other config stuff




Now you can get a param via


within your app

you can even right separate config files Yii is very flexible

Thanks very much for the reply, I saw that method but I would prefer storing site config vars away from the main application, I could always use a registry pattern component and implement them inside there, additionally the main config does not serve my purpose since those config items would be dynamically generated by the user, so staying away from the core would definitely be required.

I was implementing this approach with the Configuration class (registry pattern) inside cake and then storing a cached config file.