Single Sign-On for Yii and other non Yii web apps


As a Yii newbie, I hope I’d be excused if this is topic has been answered before, but I didn’t find a clear answer in FAQ or otherwise while searching. I did come accross a wiki post on how to do SSO for multiple domains with multie Yii apps, but that is not exactly what I want.

I would like the do SSO between 4 different apps, e.g.-

  1. Yii based web-app I am would like to develop

  2. phpBB (discussion forum web app)

  3. Moodle (e-education web app)

  4. osTicket (trouble-ticketing web app)

s.t. a subscriber/member could register just once, and login just once for all of those PHP based applications, which are not necessarily on yii, and I can’t always afford to allocate different sub-domains to each of those. I’d prefer not to subdomain at all, but present a homogeneous, single-themed interface. Is such a thing possible ? Any pointers / tips on how to achieve such a thing ?

Also what are the advantages/disadvantages/challenges in doing this with OpenID / Google / Facebook / Twitter login ? Are there some pitfalls to watch-out for ? This is potentially what StackExchange does for it’s sites, but I find the registration/login procedure to be very confusing, especially if one has multiple such accounts open at the time of registering-to / logging-in to SE sites.



Strange… has no one attempted something like this, or the question is too crazy ?

I’ve used OpenID with the help of this class,

Pretty simple to setup.

Thanks for the link @alex-w. Should be quite helpful.

Are you using it as the exclusive way to authenticate users, or you have local database based username/password as an option as well ?


I too want to intergreate Yii, with an SSO to Moodle, phpBB etc…

I will look into OpenID, dounds like a winner perhaps!

If anyone else has achieved this, id like to know!


is it you got any idea with moodle integration?