Single Login for multiple applications


i have multiple applications on a server and i would like to have a single login for all the applications.

Is it possible?



it’s possible but the conditions are:

  1. all the applications use the same database (use table prefix to differentiate all the tables of the various application)

  2. the all the applications will be pointing one table for authentication.

I think you mean "once logged in, all applications will automatically log you in, until you log out", just like Google?

Does this help?

multiple domains


See here for some thoughts:


I inserted this piaece of code in the configuration of my applications:



                   'cookieParams' => array('domain'=>'',),


but seems that nothing change.

If i login into an application and after that i try to access to another applications it ask me to login…

Let me say that i did not test this solution. It’s only a description of the principle. You should understand how it works first and then check each step if it does what you would expect. IMO it’s crucial when you do these kind of things. Because otherwhise you’ll never be able to help yourself if you run into problems later.

In your situation for example i’d now verify wether the sesssion cookie in your browser has the right path and wether both domains use the same session id. Read the PHP documentation on sessions and cookies if you haven’t done so yet.

Hope this helps.

In IT everything is possible, only some things takes not acceptable amounts of money or time to implement! :) [Well, you certainly can’t piss against wind and not get wet, but this is not IT related problem! :) :) :)]

Maybe OpenID could be a solution for your problem?

Check this out :