SimplyPie extension

Hello Yii Community!

Below is a repository for my first Yii extension called SimplyPie:

(please note that is link is badly formatted and it misses https at the beginning of url because of the forum restrictions)

SimplyPie is a simplepie library wrapper.

I would like to hear thoughts and suggestions from more experienced members before publishing it on the Extensions section.

Thank you all,

Hello Milann,

Thank you for contributing your SimplePie extension - I’m very interested in using it but I have encountered a problem I was wondering if you had any insight on.

I installed the extension according to your instructions on GitHub, altered my main.php to add the component and params and then put your reference code into a controller and view.

Unfortunately instead of seeing the RSS goodness I get a server error -

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Yii’ not found in [path abbreviated…]/protected/extensions/simplypie/simplepie/simplepie.php on line 740

It seems that the component is registering OK as the error is within the SimplePie code.

It seems like it must be a configuration error of some kind but I cannot figured it out.

Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.