SimpleWiki for Yii

If you want to use Wiki markup language on Yii I advice to use, simpleWiki.

SimpleWiki is a the markup language specification, and the parser/emitter module for php5.

SimpleWiki markup starts with the creole markup set for basic markup, then adds decorators (both inline decorators and block decorators) and block declarations for advanced markup. SimpleWiki also supports macros.

I made some changes to the original file

Release changed note from version 1.0 Beta 1, November 24, 2009:

  • bug fix on macro_emit function => Class SimpleWikiEmitter;

  • update _set_rules e auto_quicktoc function macro like creole 1.0 <<x>> or <<<x>>> => Class SimpleWikiEmitter

  • update prepare_link_node, add extrenal link generator class "external_address" => Class SimpleWikiEmitter

I also did a class, ImWiki, which extends the Class SimpleWiki to exemplify the use of macro.

How use ImWiki Class

$objImWiki = new ImWiki(‘Meu //site// é [[| Ivan Mota]]. Exemplo do uso de macro <<<entitylink id=“210” title=“My entity title”|view entity information>>>’, $this);

echo $objImWiki->get_html();

More information: Ivan Mota Site

Don’t post it here, on the forum, as many people looking for such good piece of code may not find it!

Instead create and publish a fully working extension in Yii Extensions Repository and maybe a Yii Cookbook article to explain how to use it? This way you make your work available to more people as there aren’t much people that starts looking for extensions in the forum.

I tried to create an extension but the system is not allowed because I am new on Yii Forum

System info: [color="#FF0000"]Sorry, you are too new to add an extension to the repository. Please try posting it in our forum first.[/color]

Wow! That is something surprising! :) OK, sorry, bad advice. Then this post is for now the only way to publish this extension.

For those who wish to use wikiext extension, can use this modified version.

so far what I do is change the !get_class to !is_object.

hello,I want to use the simplewiki for yii,but what should i do.

I am a new user to yii