Simpler Installation ?


I am developing with Yii, not 2.0 yet.

I was going to switch/try Yii 2.0 but after I saw quite complicated way to install it, I resigned.

Maybe it is not rocket science, but it used to be solution "out of box",

just download, quick configure and use.

Is it going to be simply *.zip file to just unpackage, simply config and ready to go?

One line in console, what can be simpler?..

I am working on Windows, this “one line” doesn’t work :(

I am working on windows either.

Everything works all right.

Just follow the steps from documentation

To install composer there is .exe file.

There will be zip when 2.0 will be stable and released but before that moment composer only.

I just installed 2.0 on windows and had only one small problem that was quickly fixed by googling the error message.

Btw: the first impression of 2.0 is impressive!

Composer is the right way for a profesional framework.

All good framework use it and is a foundamental component for a good app maintanance.

It can bevinstalled in windows. I suggest you to install it and understand the foundamentals.

I installed Yii2.0 on Windows PC with WAMP as the server.

The issues I faced was

  1. After installing the Composer from the Installer, The windows did not recognize composer.phar file. Also as mentioned in the guide, it was

php composer.phar (rest of the command)

Instead I use composer.bat (rest of the command)


php Full/path/composer.phar (rest of the command) (php should be in your PATH)

  1. Had to install Git from That was pretty straight forward.

  2. Now comes the most confusing part. It is required that the PHP supports the php_openssl extension. I tried to load the extension from the front-end of the WAMP server and it did not work in-spite of the WAMP server showing that it is loaded. Also tried to modify the php.ini file from the front link. But too it did not work.

The only way is to open the source of WAMP in my case C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.16\php.ini and edit it in this file.

remove ; from ;extension=php_openssl.dll and it will start working.




Great post. I think that pretty much sums up what you need to do on a windows PC.

I got the problem with the php_openssl, but if I remember correctly, the error message basically tells you what you need to do.

Also, It is worth mentioning that there is a Windows installer for Composer that simplifies things a bit.

Guys, Windows is bad for webdev.

Why don’t you use virtual machines or something.

That’s a bit odd. If you installed composer via the installer, you should be able to just use “composer (rest of command)”, as it adds the command to your PATH.

Errr, no. Windows is perfectly fine for development. This thread is more about composer installation anyway.

When the stable version will release????

It is too prolongated!!!!

Windows is OK for development if configured properly.


We don’t have any date set yet. You can make release date closer by solving issues:

As i saw that, It maybe release for 1,2,3,4,5,6,… years later;)

Isn’t it !?B)

Well, we hope it will not be N years.

‌By God willing…

We are waiting.

I am getting these errors after installing the yii2 basic app with composer on windows 7 with wamp.

if anyone knows please help me

Make sure there’s a file D:\wamp\www\mybasic\vendor\autoload.php

Amjad Khan, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. find where your composer has installed itself

  2. In composer.bat add new line with a pause command. So you will see the result of composer work. There might be some error message.

The absence of autoload.php says that composer was not able to install the system properly.

I had the same error.

The solution is to add option --prefer-dist to your command. So it will look like this:

Thanks a lot sir, i have installed the yii2 basic application by just adding --prefer-dist, thanks very much i am really obliged.