Simple Yii Themes/template

Dear All,

I created several applications using yii. All of them are finished quickly with full satisfactory.

However, I got some feedback from my clients lately regarding the performance of the applications. It is a bit slow. While the page loading speed is very crucial in my clients environments.

I have added APC, turn off debug, but still need few seconds to load. Especially, if I am using bootstrap extension,

Any idea on other themes that are simple and quick to load?



Hi Daniel

Are you sure the YII_DEBUG is turned off?

I had a very similar issue, check this

May the APC also keeps the older php file (as any cache system does)

My setting on YII_DEBUG is off. How to refresh the APC so that it will use new files?



According to this

check this code




I had a similar problem on one page , where I was having more labelEx() functions to create label, if you have used these function on your form? ,if yes can you try to change it to normal <span>label</span> and try?

In my case before changing 12 sec to load and after changing 2 sec for loading