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I am looking for assistance on creating a very simple shopping cart. First off, I realize there are 1001 pre-made PHP carts out there, but none that I have found yet are terribly simple nor elegant - they all feel like shopping carts, and involve too much clicking to get checked out.

One option for a base for this would be: , though if the same is possible through jQuery without a lot of repeat work, I think jQuery is better integrated with Yii for AJAX-ifying the user experience. Pretty much this is the functionality I’m looking for, but would prefer this be implemented elegantly in an MVC architecture such as Yii.

If interested, we should discuss specifics of feature sets and the development plan together, but I’d be looking for someone with experience in or a willingness to learn good group development practices through PHPDoc, PHPUnit, Agile project management, DVCS/github-like solutions, and good communication/documentation skills. This webapp would also need to have the ability to work with multiple languages. If you’re not a CSS or graphic arts pro, I’m already planning on working with someone else with a background in this for the finer details of the user interface.

If interested, please send me a private message and we can go from there. Payment is negotiable, and physical location is not important. Would be ready to start on this as soon as you are, but also flexible as to start date if you’re in the middle of a project now.

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Still looking for 1 more person for this project. Please send me a private message if interested.

Below are a couple of extensions that may work for you:

I have been thinking about this for a while and would be very interested.

I’m new to Yii but have actually redone a lot of opencart (almost a fork) the code is on github. I also developed for oscommerce and was behind the scenes of zencart in the beginning.

The mvc behind oc is very good but lacks in that it would need lots of work to be its own framework. Also, oc doesn’t use pdo and does well to cover the security but switching to pdo would make sense. However, the amount of conversion time would be better put to building something directly in Yii.

I spent several months going through oc and still like but I’d rather move forward to a framework that actually will be able to run on php5.4 and forward.

If you’re interested please on me.

Other folks, there is another project I’m still planning out but would be interested in hearing from some people on whether a “full” cart would be worthwhile to build. In other words, a competitor to magneto / zencart / presta / opencart. Oscommerce is still a force but its glory days are way over and refactoring the mess that zencart tried to clean is utterly a real pain hence a clean build from scratch.

The other project I’m thinking could be based on the core work of the cart.

Yes, I do have a plan on how to monetize this open source project. And yes, a major part of the cart is actually something that people want but I’ve only seen as a very expensive mod for magneto.


Go for it mate and I will be more than happy to help in anyway I can. I use drupal ubercart and tried the new commerce module called drupal commerce. I like yii for its easy api and straight forward object callback. In drupal you will have to right database query to for example to insert node details.

It is people like you that makes it possible for all of us to join a framework.

Thank you