Simple setup(newbie)


I’m new to Yii. I was looking for a guide how to create yii web app without using yiic. Please help.



When you download the yii , here is a demo folder which contains already ready 3 projects. Just correct some hosts and enjoy.

Thank Elbek, I did tried, but it doesn’t work, I choose hangman demo , Here is my setup:

+Win7, Apach , PHP

+Mapped the localhost file for "", browsed

+Root directory: c:\Server\Websites\www.domain\

+Copied all the files & folders from yii\demo\hangman to root directory

+Replaced the ‘defaultController’=>‘game’ line in protected/config/main.php to ‘default’-because I want it to routed the to defaultController.php

+Created a DefaultController.php in protected/controllers/, with actionIndex() render to ‘default’ view in protected/views/site/

+Created a default.php view file in protected/views/site/, and also main layout file in protected/views/layouts/

+When I browse the again I received the message Error HTML…

Sorry, for a long line problem. Any idea? I have attached the files in here too.

The problem I got is


DefaultController cannot find the requested view "default"