Simple question - which yii to use?

We’re all busy so I’ll keep this short.

I am trying to install the advanced app template that comes with Yii2. One step in the install says run yii migrate.

My question: There are lots of files called yii in different folders within Yii2 and the advanced app. Which one do I need? That is, which folder do I need to be in within SSH for yii migrate to work?

Thanks in advance,


Unless you can set two document roots (2 hosting accounts) the advanced may not be for you.

This setup is intended to have two domains, or a domain and subdomain with separate document roots. It is for using a shared codebase with two different ‘applications’ - usually a public facing site and administrative backend.

You can achieve a similar approach with the basic app using an /admin module if on shared hosting.

Thanks for your advice, moginn. I have listened and am now using the basic app template.

As you might see from another post, I am now trying to get Gii to be available to me…